Today’s high hopes and epic failures

I had a long list of to-do’s to do today.

Gosh, that’s a lot of t-o-d-o. I’m so sorry.

I was supposed to clean the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, do loads of laundry (yes, plural on the laundry), de-clutter the living room and dining room tables, vacuum, mop, and dust the furniture.

I’m hosting a dinner party Friday evening for the Haiti mission team members and other guests, about 15 people in all. I’m not concerned about the food prep or the cooking or even setting the table, but my house is a mess and I desperately needed to get my butt in gear. Afterall, I didn’t have to go to work today!

To the n-th degree, I am an excellent list-maker. However, I’m an epic failure in the business of completing to-do lists.

I’m adding this to my Bucket List. Need to work on that.


First, I slept till 10:34 am. Then, from the bed, I went straight to the couch to log-in to Facebook and Twitter.

I like to pretend I’m THAT important…yeah right.

About noon, I warmed up the leftovers and enjoyed my very dee-lish pot roast. After lunch, I unloaded the dishwasher and started the dryer (for the third time, with the same clothes inside). Then, I spent the next two hours gawking (literally) at for recipes and dishes to make Friday evening.

My contributions for Friday’s dinner: several appetizers, mixed-grill kabobs, cupcakes (with sprinkles, of course), iced tea and soft drinks. Everyone is supposed to bring a vegetable or salad, potluck style. Nothing fancy, but you know me, I’ll try to play hostess-with-the-mostess.

I’m hoping Friday’s get-together will go better than the last one.

At 3:00, I got bored so I took a shower AND folded the clothes in the dryer. I started the washer too. (Wow, my productivity level just soared a gabillion-zillion levels.)

While Kevin was feeding the horses, I went outside to water the ferns and saw a really bright green and blue bug flying around the chaise lounge-chair. I went inside to grab my fancy-schmancy camera. Don’t know what it is…but he was bright and colorful.

Kevin ate dinner and I pretended to be The Next Food Network Star. I found some tilapia filets in the freezer and sautéed them in a pan with a splash of olive oil. Alongside long-grain rice, drizzled with a nice sauce, the fish made for a quick, simple, and tasty meal. I’ll have leftovers tomorrow too.

Oh gosh, tomorrow will be here really soon.

Why am I still up? Am I crazy?

Don’t answer that.

Not only do I have to complete all those things on today’s to-do list, but I must go to the grocery too. How will I find the time?!

Wish me luck…I’m gonna need all I can get!



  1. you have pretty bugs in Texas, Nicole

    • LOL – Thanks, Wilma! Rest assure, we have plenty of creepy-crawlies too. And fire ants. God, I hate fire ants. They are, seriously, from the Devil himself. And scorpions, I’ve had too many scorpions in my house. Granted they’re baby scorpions, but they got a Mama somewhere. Hence my “love” of bugs…..hahaha 🙂

      Have you entered the GIVEAWAY?? Be sure to do that, and promote to your friends – contest ends this Saturday, June 11. Good luck!

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