Photoshop for Dummies – Nicole’s version

Whomever decided the last day of school for students should be on a Monday is NOT very bright. Needless to say, my students and I were not as productive as we have been throughout the year. Besides, out of 141 students, only 14 showed up for my classes today. I had a History Channel video playing that some watched, but others were reading, drawing, or quietly talking to their friends.

As you know, Kevin bought me a very nice digital SLR camera (Nikon D5000) a couple of weeks ago and aside from trying to learn photography tricks, I’m also trying to learn Photoshop. I used this program back in college about a day-and-a-half. I got frustrated, didn’t understand the concept (very much like InDesign), and stopped paying attention to Miss Hannah. That was really stupid on my part. I finally grasped the concept of page layout and design for InDesign, but I never tried my hands at Photoshop again.

Until today.

I can’t explain in technical terms what I’ve done, except to say I pressed two buttons and changed a setting. It’s got something to do with layers, a fancy term in Photoshop that I don’t completely understand but I can follow step-by-step directions fairly well.

My Photoshop teacher has been none other than The Pioneer Woman. She’s quite amazing. Even if you don’t care about Photoshop, her pictures are amazing, her confessions are priceless, her family is beautiful, her home is extraordinary, and if that doesn’t suit your fancy, she’s got two Bassett Hounds that rule the roost. Literally. She has LOTS of material on her blog, including tips and techniques for Photoshop, including this one that I used tonight on the photos below. Check out these BEFORE and AFTER photos of mine….I’m impressed, even if nobody else is.

Dulce and her green shoes BEFORE


Dulce and her green shoes AFTER

I’m so impressed with myself – HOW COOL IS THIS?!?! I’m easily amused…moving on.

Rain gauge on the fence BEFORE

Rain gauge on the fence AFTER

I loved this rain gauge photograph before. After the edits, it’s amazing.

A close-up of Blue BEFORE

A close-up of Blue AFTER

OK, I’m done bragging on myself.

By the way, if you know tips, or techniques that I could master, please share the knowedge. I’m desparately trying to learn camera and photography-related .



  1. One of my favorite ways to do quick fixes is to mess with the “Levels” feature. Open it up, play around. 🙂

  2. I can’t get my head around Photoshop, perhaps I should visit The Pioneer Woman for some tips!

  3. Photoshop is amazing what it can do. I’m still trying to figure out all that it can do myself. I just pick up little things here and there.

    Love the blue dress with the green Converse.

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