Quinceanera – you’re an adult now

Congratulations, Dulce Maria Noriega.


She looked beautiful at her Quinceanera!

I’m so thankful and appreciative to the family for allowing me to be a part of Dulce’s 15th birthday celebration. I’m so proud of her and the woman she’s becoming. Her smile radiates the room and the green shoes make me laugh.

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete unless Dulce is texting!!

The entire Quinceanera ceremony and reception was Skype’d. Dulce’s older sister lives in London and her grandparents live in Mexico. What an awesome and incredible gift the Internet brings to family and friends around the globe! That’s sooooooooo cool.

Yes, Dulce is on her cell phone. Actually, I think she was talking to her sister in London.

Do you think I “cheesed” enough?!

It wasn’t until Sunday morning that Dulce and I realized we had not taken a full body-shot of us all dressed up. We decided that we’re going to have to do it all over again just so we can get a GOOD picture together.

The ceremony was beautiful (kudos to Rev. L and Rev. Clint), everybody did a great job!

I think I smiled during the entire service. I’m so proud of Dulce and the group of young people that gathered to support and celebrate with her. I couldn’t help but gleam with pride for them. They are so supportive of each other.

I may not be the youth director anymore, but these kids (they’re younger than me, so I can call them that!) hold my heart forever. Look at these brillant faces – filled with  happiness, joy, and love for their friend.

I’m so proud of these kids. They make me smile, they make me laugh, and they dance like nobody’s watching!

I’m really sad I missed their “Thriller” dance for Dulce (she’s a HUGE Michael Jackson fan), but I had to make a quick trip to Fort Worth and get donated items for the Haiti mission trip. Oh well, I’ll catch somebody’s video!!!!


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