“100th” post….In Their Own Words

Wow, my 100th post! I’m doing something a little different and I hope you like it.

I asked my students to write a letter to future students, offering suggestions and insight about me, my classroom, the subject, etc. It was a risky activity, but the majority took it seriously and provided sound advice, honest feedback, accurate observations, and shared general info for surviving my class!


Advice for future students in Mrs. Hutchison’s class:

  • “Expect work, but not without rewards (she plays Pandora).”
  • “You should come to learn and not to play or goof off.”
  • “Be prepared for anything.”
  • “She’s always smiling but if she’s not, something is wrong or someone is making her mad.”
  • “She loves to talk about Kentucky.”
  • “She may be hard on you and hold you to high expectations, but it’s for your own good.”
  • “Her class is VERY demanding and requires LOTS of effort on your part.”
  • “Do not get her mad or she’ll go Lady Hulk on you.”
  • “She writes really straight on the Promethean board.”
  • “Mrs. Hutchison is a fair teacher. She doesn’t tolerate disrespect.”
  • “Mrs.Hutchison’s personality is good even though many students I know describe her as mean. She wants her students to work hard so they earn success everywhere in real life.”
  • “She is not mean, she just wants you to do your best.”
  • “She doesn’t do extra credit so you better do the work.”
  • “She could possibly be one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She believes in you all the time.”
  • “Mrs. Hutchison has that look that says get to work on her face everyday. It’s like she is choking you with her eyes….be a pain in the butt like me so she won’t be bored.”
  • “Mrs. Hutchison is an amazing teacher! She’s funny, smart, and loves kids!”
  • “DON’T CHEAT! I copied my friend thinking Mrs. Hutchison wouldn’t notice. She did and I got a zero. I was mad at myself.”
  • “Keep her books straight….she likes them in neat stacks.”
  • “If you misbehave she WILL contact your mother. (I speak from experience.)”
  • “Mrs. Hutchison will push you really hard, but she’s a really good teacher.”
  • “She has an awesome sense of humor and treats you like an adult.”
  • “Your grade is a direct reflection of your efforts, she does not ‘give’ you anything.”
  • “Bring your own stuff, she’s not Wal-Mart.”
  • “You may call her “Miss H” if you can’t pronounce her name correctly.”
  • “Miss H will get sick or faint if she don’t eat. Do good and try your best in her class every single day. Don’t give up and keep looking forward because it will benefit you.”
  • “Get ready to work…even the first day of class.”
  • “Be nice to Mrs.Hutchison, she’s old.”
  • “Mrs.Hutchison will give you a test the first day of school. The answers are: she’s allergic to milk, has two horses, is married, and she’s 27 years old.”
  • “My advice to you in Mrs.Hutchison’s class is to never give up and do your best and work. I’m telling you, it pays off in the future. I wanted to give up in the beginning of the year because I started with a 58. I did a horrible thing by not caring and giving up but Mrs. H encouraged me to stay focused and I’m proud to say I now have a 91 in her class!”
  • “When you walk through the door, you’ll notice Mrs. Hutchison’s smile.”
  • “Don’t lie to Mrs.Hutchison, she will catch you.”
  • “You can hear Mrs.Hutchison’s country twang all the way down the hall.”
  • “Mrs.H is from Kentucky, but she doesn’t like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Isn’t that weird?”
  • “You have to work really hard or you’ll FAIL her class, just like I did the first semester. The second semester I started going to tutoring and working hard so I passed.”
  • “When Mrs.H has a sub, behave. She will find out about EVERYTHING.”
  • “She is so a Kentucky girl, and she doesn’t like cheese and that is not cool because I like cheese and my favorite cheese is cheddar and she hates cheddar cheese and I am mad at her….have your shirt tucked at all times and pull up your pants and don’t say bad words.”
  • “She helps you with a question but doesn’t give you the answer.”
  • “When you’re tired of her talking, just look at her and think about something else.”
  • “She majored in journalism. This means she loves to read and write and you’ll do a lot of that.”
  • “Mrs. Hutchison is to the point and on top of it.”
  • “If you make her mad, she’ll forgive you in 3 minutes. That belly she has isn’t just filled with food, it has nice stuff in it too.”
  • “I broke her pencil sharpener, I’m ashamed of myself.”
  • “When Mrs.Hutchison says ‘don’t waste time,’ don’t waste your time.”
  • “She has really good handwriting but she says it’s sloppy compared to her father’s.”
  • “When she sneezes, it sounds funny.”
  • “Mrs.Hutchison doesn’t allow cheating or misbehavior.”
  • “If you misbehave in another teacher’s room, they’ll send you to Mrs.Hutchison and she will make you write a paragraph about responsibility, maturity, and respect. You’ll write it a million times. Bring lots of paper and a sharp pencil.”
  • “Even though she’s from Kentucky, she don’t eat KFC. That’s like me not eating tacos and I’m Mexican.”
  • “Her laugh sounds like a dying hyena.”


There you have it. In their own words, honest and accurate. They’re correct about my tolerance, expectations, and sneeze volume. Their infatuation with Kentucky Fried Chicken cracks me up.

If I accomplished nothing else, my first year’s students now say Y’ALL. 



  1. Nicole! A great idea for a 100th post! I love the KFC thing too! LOL!!

  2. I love this Nicole – what a great idea getting the students to write about you! Some of the answers crack me up! All in all, I think you have earned a deep respect from these students – you should give yourself a pat on the back!

  3. I love this! One of my favorite days of each semester is when we get the previous semester’s course evaluations back. For those who take the time to actually write things, I really appreciate their honesty – the good, the bad and the ugly.

    But girlfriend, we need to talk about you not liking KFC! What’s wrong with you!? 😉

    • I’m seriously allergic to cow’s milk and 99-percent of everything delicious and good and bad-for-you contains milk, including KFC! Besides, my own creation of fried chicken is pretty darn spectacular, I’ll fix it my own damn self. HAHAHA

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