up close and in focus

This Memorial Day weekend can be summed up in one word.


Kevin and I completed our to-do list Friday, went to an auction in East Texas Saturday and have spent the rest of the holiday being lazy. I went to church and Sunday School yesterday morning, but didn’t step outside again until Kevin fed the horses. I thought it would be a good time to snap some more photos with my new camera. I think they turned out well.

What do you think?

Need your furniture moved? This is how we do it in the country. Actually, Kevin purchased this metal table at the auction and he was unloading it from the flat-bed trailer. FYI: I’m not volunteering myself or my husband if you need movers. Just because we have trucks and trailers, doesn’t mean we want to move your crap.

If you’re going to live or work in the country, you gotta be properly dressed. In these parts, jeans are semi-tucked inside your work boots. Anything else is too dressy, and Lord knows we don’t get dolled-up around here. The last time my husband wore a suit was four and a half years ago. It was our wedding day.

I’m trying to add greenery around our porch, but these ferns are getting beaten and battered by the excessively high winds. Yesterday’s sustained winds were above 30 mph. I’ve already had to put one fern in the trash because it fell off the hook and out of its container. I have four ferns left to survive but I took them off the hooks and they’re sitting on the concrete instead.

If this silly horse would pay attention, he’d know that his supper is being served in the main dining stall of the barn. It looks like he’s starving too, don’t you feel sorry for him?!

Doesn’t this look tasty? Believe me, it was. I made homemade seasoned ciabetta croutons yesterday and topped my chopped salad with them. The white crumbled stuff is goat’s milk cheese. This salad was dee-lish.

Let’s just say this piece of metal and a lawnmower blade don’t mix. Kevin was using the weed-eater around the house and came across this piece of pipe he had cut-off while we were building fence a few weeks ago. I’m glad he found it before the lawnmower blade did. That should destroy a mower, knock out a window, or worse if it was to hit someone. Another reason it’s not a good idea to walk around barefoot…besides the fire ants would get you.

This is my favorite photo yet. It was pure luck though. I was looking at Blue but the camera decided the fence and rain gauge looked better. I like this camera. It’s smarter than me.

I whine and complain all the time about bugs and other creepy crawly things, but I love caterpillars. When I was younger, I used to collect them off the weeping willow tree in our backyard and keep them in a cookie tin. One summer, I released several caterpillars back to the tree and weeks later I saw their cocoons. I can only assume they released themselves as pretty butterflies, I hope they did at least. This little guy was eating away at a fern leaf. I graciously moved him to another plant I didn’t care about. There’s plenty of weeds around here for his little appetite.

Whatever you do, don’t touch this fence. I wouldn’t recommend peeing on it either.

Wind chimes have been busy lately. Winds have been high all week and there’s no end in the immediate future.

That white “blob” is actually Blue. I guess all the photo-takin’ wore the boy out. He’s sound asleep.

Take it easy, Blue.

Tryin’ to keep it all in focus,




  1. Great pics – thanks for sharing a little bit of the country with us!

  2. gorgeous pictures, nicole! =)

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