Weekly Review

I’m sitting on the couch looking at the ottoman with clothes hanging out of a duffel bag from my trip to Austin last weekend.

I can also see the remains of a bug I squished. Husband went around the house with that Home Defense stuff and I swear it attracts all the bugs inside instead of keeping them outside. Go figure. We’ve also had severe weather this week, so I’m sure some of the creepy crawlies were looking for a safe and dry place. Unfortunately, Nicole and creepy crawlies don’t mix.

I can’t see the kitchen sink from where I’m sitting, but I know the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and both sinks (and most of the counter too) are full of dirty ones ready to be loaded. OK, I felt really bad admitting that so I unloaded the dishwasher only to re-load again.

There’s a science experiment growing in a bowl next to the stove top. Under normal circumstances, I’d be one million-percent likely to toss the bowl rather than wash it. I felt guilty again. A little bleach and de-greaser, plus hot water and elbow grease, eliminated whatever was growing and “cleaned” the bowl enough to put it in the sanitation cycle of the dishwasher.

In the TV’s reflection, I can see a large flower arrangement on the buffet and three mini-bouquets on the dining room table, made especially for the recipe swap I hosted two weeks ago. Let’s just say the flowers are past their prime.

Husband announced (twice last tonight) we had no bread or Dr. Pepper in the pantry. “Woman,” he said, “we need groceries!”  The universe might have escaped the Rapture last Saturday, but in Kevin’s world Hell is defined by no bread or Dr.Pepper. His loving and adoring wife went to the grocery – after getting her hair cut this morning – and all is well in Kevin Land. He’s got bread, Dr. Pepper, and a few other essentials, including deodorant and toilet paper.

There’s no doubt my house is a wreck and pretty much a disaster area, but I’ve been REALLY busy! I went to Austin last weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday and this week I’ve attended an Annual Conference meeting at church, created the church’s newsletter, and met Margaret Feinberg, my favorite author and speaker. She was in the Metroplex earlier this week and invited me to the taping of a Christian television show and sit in the studio audience. It was a spectacular experience!

Margaret just released her book, Hungry For God. It’s another wonderful, and beautifully written, book that reminds readers their spiritual hunger is unceasing and the pursuit of an intimate relationship with God is continuous. 


Stay tuned to 27 & Counting for the next GIVEAWAY…..it’s going to be spectacular and that’s all I’m telling you.

Guess what else happened this week?!

Santa Clause came early this year and look what he brought me:

Nikon D5000 and lenses

Wow, the older I get the better I like the guy!


I’m smart enough to turn it on, switch lenses, and even snap some pictures of the horses. Blue is very photogenic. Curtis, on the other hand, doesn’t want to be bothered by the nonsense. However, if you’re going to stand next to Curtis, he’d like you to get the winter coat off his back.


The transition between winter and spring/summer is difficult for Curtis, because of his long hair. On windy days such as this, clumps of hair literally FLY off of him! The birds and varmints like it though, it makes for great nesting materials. Last spring, Kevin found a bird’s nest in the barn made with grass, small twigs, and Curtis’s hair. This, my friends, is what makes the world go round!



I already love my new camera – thank you, Santa (ahem, Husband) – and I know I have a LOT to learn. I’ve added a couple of things to my Bucket List, specifically learn camera techniques and Photoshop tricks. I think my summer suddenly got busy!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody, stay safe and apply that sunscreen!





  1. A very entertaining and funny blog – thanks for the laugh! I love the camera, you must have been a good girl to get that at this time of the year! Santa is good . . .
    Great pics!

  2. Georgia McDaniel says:

    I love to read your blogs! You make me laugh! I have to immediately pick up all bugs because I am afraid Howie or Heidi will eat one as a snack!

    • This is an excellent reason to convince The Husband we need a dog or cat, they can dine on bugs (sources of protein, right?) and keep me from FREAKING out. Hmmm….

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