Drum roll please…….

Whomever said Friday the 13th was unlucky obviously did NOT enter my giveaway contest.

I’m so excited to announce the BIG WINNER for my FIRST GIVEAWAY.

(drum roll)

How ’bout them apples?! Jan at TDE (that stands for The Diamond E – don’t worry, I didn’t think of that all by myself…I deserve zero credit) is one of those whodathunkit buddies. She has a fabulous blog (click here) that I found and whodathunk that we live within 30 minutes of each other. Such a small world.

So, what has Jan from TDE won????

Jan, over at The Diamond E (I like saying this, can you tell?!) has won the grand prize: an all-expense paid vacation around the world including airfare, lodging at a super-sweet resorts, five-star meals, fun and games, and a lovely t-shirt that says

Wheeww!!! That was a scary moment for my checking account. Instead, Jan, at The Diamond E, will be receiving her selected choice:

Sorry Jan, no around-the-world trip for you, but I hope you enjoy the H20 Sea Salt Skin Smoother headed your way. I already have your mailing address so I will place the order today and it should be in your snail-mail box within a couple of days for you to enjoy.

With this being my first giveaway and all, I want all y’all (that means all of you, just checking to see if y’all are awake) to know that I did not cheat in this contest. First, I took all the comment entries and listed them in numerical order, in the sequence they were received.

Then, I went to random.org for a number generator and this is what it selected.

To the rest of y’all: Please stay tuned for other giveaways and contests. This was really fun and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m nearing 5,000 site visitors AND my 100th post in the coming weeks. I think that calls for a celebration where my visitors can win a fabulous something (obviously, not a trip around the world but something a little more practical…seriously people, let’s me real).

Thanks again to everyone that visited my blog and entered my first giveaway, I really appreciate you reading all the crap that’s in my head. I hope you’ll visit again…and invite your crazy friends.

Now, I need to finish getting ready for a lunch party at my house that I’m afraid no one is going to show for. Such is my life.

Let me just through this little tid-bit out here:

I sent CUSTOM invitations with HAND-WRITTEN addresses on the envelopes to 24 people. I also sent an eVite to everyone, just in case they don’t check their snail-mail boxes in front of their house. (you never know ’bout people these days) The theme of this party is Recipe Swap and Potluck. Basically, everybody brings a prepared dish to share with the group, including copies of the recipe. In theory, lots of people will attend and we’ll all share lots of good food and leave with lots of recipes for our own collection. I am using simple plates, cups, and bowls in a variety of bold and bright colors (on a white tablecloth) and fresh flowers are scattered around the house just for good measure. My favorite “extra touch” are the eight – yeah, count them, EIGHT – gift bags (also in a variety of bright colors) each filled with recipe-inspired gifts for the lucky winners to take home. There are also two bags filled with spa-inspired goodies to encourage those lucky winners to pamper themselves and one bag contains a couple of goodies from Starbucks®.

K.H. (who stayed the night with us) says I should have lived in another era. She’s probably right. At least she brought her recipe (on a magnet no less, proudly displayed on my fridge already) and enjoyed a glass of sweet tea. S.M. – who had a c-section last Tuesday – said if nobody shows up she’ll bring the crew (including N, H, and C) and supplies (breast pump and burp clothes) over. How sweet is that deal?! Actually, that’s kinda pitiful and pathetic on MY part. If nobody shows up to play in my sandbox, I gotta call post-prego lady with breast pumps.


If anybody’s hungry or thirsty, I got enough strawberry lemonade and chicken salad to feed an army. C’mon over.



  1. Georgia McDaniel says:

    I wish you lived closer, I would have been there with bells on! and I would have brought 5 of my closest friends!

  2. Oh My Gosh!! Thank you SO much! Ive never won a thing in my life. This is so exciting! I’ll be posting this miracle for sure! Hope your swap party turns out well! Thanks again.

    • Congrats, Jan – I’m glad you won and I’m excited to have been able to provide your first contest win. I enjoyed this giveaway as much as you, look forward to the next one. Celebrate! Consider this another “thank you” and belated Mother’s Day gift. 🙂

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