nev.ER. leave my side

This was my day.

6:15 am — alarm goes off…I press snooze.

6:30 am — snooze.

6:45 am — you guessed it, snooze.

7:00 am — do I really have to get up? YES!

8:00 am — sitting in traffic, crying my eyes out because 1) I’m in pain; 2) I wish my mother were here; and 3) the six allergy/ENT clinics I called are accepting new patients but the next available appointment is 4-6 weeks

11:30 am — email conversation with Husband about possibility of going to the hospital

4:30 pm — survive another day at school,  I have really great students that will self-direct themselves and get their work completed without a lot of fuss

5:09 pm — walk into Emergency Room at Texas Health Resources in Burleson

5:12 pm — temp, blood pressure, and symptoms are recorded; nurse leads me to the back into an exam room

5:19 pm — attending doctor walks in, looks me over, makes a few comments, asks me a couple of questions, makes a probable diagnosis, I cry, I compose myself, and our conversation continues

5:31 pm — Kevin arrives, Doc repeats everything

6:00 pm — nurse delivers paperwork, sends me on my way

6:04 pm — sign HIPPA forms, verify insurance information, sign a release form stating Kevin is my “spouse” and leave the ER without spending a dime

6:18 pm — I arrive at CVS Pharmacy

6:30 pm — pharmacy tech calls insurance company, Aetna says I don’t have prescription coverage

6:31 pm — I’m in no mood to argue and agree to pay $100 for some kick-ass painkillers and allergy meds

8:00 pm — arrive home, drink some iced tea, watch “The Voice” and send lesson plans to my substitute

10:30 pm — take a kick-ass painkiller and allergy pill

11:43 pm — my head is spinning and I’m thinking I might pass out if I don’t lay down

I should have a more definitive diagnosis next week. Until then…




  1. Georgia McDaniel says:

    We are praying for you. Nana says she loves you and she is so sorry you are in such pain. I can’t imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry. My sweet little Nicole should not be in pain. I wish they could figure out how to stop these episodes. I love you and wish I was there to wrap my arms around you. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs.

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