I’m (not) pregnant

But I’m seriously considering it.

But I haven’t consulted with my husband. This could be a problem.

I don’t need more problems, I’ve got enough to deal with.

I have a theory and my mother (plus a few others) agree that it might have some validity. We (mostly I) think that my allergy to dairy (cow’s milk) will go away if I become pregnant. For a brief, but oh-so-glorious, nine month period, I would enjoy the wonderful and creamy deliciousness that dairy has to offer.

At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with an allergy to cow’s milk. Please, don’t ask me if I’m “lactose intolerant.” It’s not the same. Not even close. So imagine my broken spirit when, after 21 years of consuming ice-cold 2% milk, real butter and my grandmother’s homemade banana pudding, the allergy specialists said, “I’m sorry, Nicole, but you are allergic to cow’s milk. You have to stop consumption now.”

That’s the day rain began falling on my parade. It hasn’t stopped.

Now, before you all get excited and worked up, I’m NOT pregnant. Do I want to be? Well, if it meant I would be safe from dairy products, then yes. If I sound selfish, I apologize. I don’t feel well, every square inch of my body aches, and all I really want to do is go home, put my jammies on, and lay on the couch. It’s times like this that I ask myself, “Why did I choose a career that involves speaking to teenagers?” I’m not very smart.

This week has been hell. On top of TAKS testing for middle school students (which translates into the most boring, dull experience any human being has to endure and includes pacing around a 600 square foot classroom, in silence, for 8 hours, as students complete their test and/or read or sleep), I’ve been suffering the past five days with an allergic reaction. Imagine fire and intense pain in your mouth, on your tongue, around the gum line, down your throat and esophagus, then into your stomach, intestines and beyond. By “beyond” I mean beyond. If you don’t understand, nevermind. I’m not explaining this.

Moving on……..

So, yeah, I’m in pain. I hurt. I’m not sure “pain” adequately describes this experience, but it’s a royal pain in the ass. No offense to the Queen or the newly wed couple.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, on their wedding day (04.29.11).

Speaking of the newlyweds, I did not get up early to watch the royal pageant but I admit to looking at pictures before leaving for school this morning. I really like Kate’s dress. I also love all the hats most women in attendance are wearing. It reminds me of the Kentucky Derby, which is Saturday, May 7 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Queen Elizabath II wearing all yellow at her grandson's wedding.

I think the photo below is my favorite. The little girl at the bottom sums my feelings towards allergic reactions. I also think her expression mimics the attitude of some around the world that are sick and tired of this royal wedding. Honestly, I’m glad it’s over. I wish the couple well, but let’s move on people.

The little girl's expression is the best. She's so over this damn wedding!

Thoughts and prayers to the families devastated by the horrific tornadoes in Alabama. My extended family in Cullman are fine, but they are still without power. Cullman is located about an hour northeast of the City of Tuscaloosa, which looks more like a nightmare than it does a college town. ROLL TIDE and God bless.

Photo courtesy of Marvin Gentry / Reuters

Haiti trip update: my airline ticket was purchased this morning. I guess the next thing is to get all of the immunization shots at the local health department. That sounds like a fun experience. OH JOY!!!!



  1. Try this venue. Looks cute! http://www.nestingtimes.com/

  2. There is one that I have wanted to check out but haven’t had time. I cannot for the life of me think of it, but as soon as I do I will get back to you.

    I’ve also done one of my kid’s birthday parties at the Beaumont Ranch, but that’s pretty south of Dallas. http://www.beaumontranch.com/branch/services/listings/l0001.html

  3. I love your blog Nicole, you have a sharp wit and a definite way with words!
    Sorry you’re not feeling well and hope you’re feeling better real soon. That allergy you have is a bummer.
    I am an expat of Britain living in Australia, and not ashamed to say I loved watching Will and Kate get hitched! I’m proud of my heritage, and felt quite nostalgic – the Brits certainly know how to put a show on! That shot of the little bridesmaid on the balcony is priceless though!

    • Thanks Barb, you’re so kind. I definitely agree, y’all Brits know how to celebrate grand occassions with pomp and pageantry!!!! I just watched a segment on NBC News and they captured the day very well. Yes, the picture of the flowergirl is awesome. Blessings 🙂

  4. Love reading your Blog. That said, let me say this, don’t go to Haiti. It is such a dangerous place with so much sickness. I am fearful that you will become ill and can’t get back to the U.S. in time to receive proper treatment. This old aunt loves you very much and worries about you.

    Aunt Penny

    • Awww Penny, you and my mom can stress together while I’m gone!!! I’ll be fine. I’m going to be with a wonderful team and we’re staying at a Methodist Home with freshly-prepared meals twice a day and a personal guide and interpretor the entire time. It’s going to be a challenging, yet wonderful experience. Plus, I have to get 15+ immunization shots before I go. 🙂

      • WOW! Just the thought of 15 shots would be enough to deter me. Yes, I’m a wimp. Just keep safe and happy.

        Love you and Kevin both.

        Aunt Penny

      • I don’t do shots well either. I’m thinking I’ll pass out BEFORE they even arrive with the tray of needles and stick me while I’m out cold. I’ll never forget the day your sister and brother-in-law had to drive to Greenville and pick me up at the allergy clinic and drive me back to Commerce because I had passed out. The sad fact: I never got the shot – I passed out when the nurse walked in the room!!!!!!! (one of the MANY reasons y’all love me so much) hahaha 🙂

  5. I’m so sorry you are having such an awful week… Atleast it is Friday!! Do you have any idea how you may have gotten dairy in your system?? I can’t imagine how terrible you feel. Prayin for you!!!

    • Hey Lindz, you’re so right – TGIF!!! I have no clue what I got into but everytime I think about it, I get pissed off because I could have savored some dairy intentionally if I was going to be this miserable. Oh well…miss you. 🙂

  6. 1. I’m sorry you don’t feel well. I hope the pain goes away SOON!
    2. That’s actually the first picture I’ve seen of the tornado devistation and it’s horrible.
    3. In honor of the royal wedding (again, I’m not a huge fan either) check out my blog (www.TheDiamondE.com) for a cool poll I posted!

    And 4…and maybe most importantly we have 26 more days of school! YAY!


    • Awww, thanks Jan, you’re so sweet. I love your blog post with the royal name game. I saw that on Facebook yesterday morning too and decided to share it with my students. The classes yesterday enjoyed making name plates on card stock and word is spreading through the school so my “B day” students are already excited to create their own today. I made one for myself, it says “Lady Rose Tess of Taylor.” I’m probably the world’s worst social studies teacher for not explaining or discussing the unique aspects of the royal wedding, but the name plate activity fills 15-20 minutes of class. It’s Friday…4:20 pm can’t come fast enough. Have a great weekend, I’m hoping for rain (without storms) so I can snooze on the couch.


      (p.s. I might need your help with wedding venues in North Texas – my best friend is looking around and wants something for an outdoor ceremony with a garden area or lots of greenery, without an enormous price tag – any suggestions off the top of your head?)

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