The Promise of Easter

It’s Easter Eve. The day after Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. Tomorrow, I will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection at Easter sunrise service with my church family at First United Methodist Church in Joshua.

We live in a Good Friday world with the promise of Easter.

~ Rev. Lara Whitley

Good Friday was supposed to be a holiday for students and teachers in Fort Worth but the excessive snow in February caused it to be a make-up day. However, instead of going to work/school, I took a vacation day to attend the memorial service for Lori McKenzie, a friend of mine who passed suddenly from a stroke. She was 35.

Lori Lynn McKenzie ~ 01.27.75 - 04.19.11

It was one of the most beautiful, most wonderful experiences I have ever had celebrating the life of a sister in Christ. The impact she made on so many people is obvious, she was a friend and a mentor to many. When I walked out of our worship center all I could see were countless motorcycles (one of Lori’s hobbies was riding a motorcycle) and more than 60 Sheriff’s patrol cars (Lori was a Sheriff Deputy for Ellis County, Texas). In remembrance of Lori, the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office is dedicating their new headquarters facility in her honor.

Me, Lara, Lori and Diane @ Glen Lake Camp Golf Tournament (April 23, 2010)

One of Lori’s other loves was playing golf. In fact, one year ago today we played in a golf tournament in Glen Rose, Texas benefiting the Glen Lake Camp, a United Methodist Church camp. We were the only all-female foursome in the tournament with more than 80 registered teams. In Lori’s terms, “we kicked ass and took names!” We really did. Finished fourth overall and took home money AND door-prizes.

I’d like to give a shout-out to my Aunt Georgia, today is her birthday. She’s celebrating without me. She called me last night, and I laughed for an hour afterwards.

Prayer request: an EF2 tornado struck Poole, Kentucky last night and caused severe damage to homes and other property. Luckily, my parents are fine, the cats and dogs are fine, and they had no property damage. However, other friends and family were not so lucky.

The view from my friend's living room inside their home that was destroyed last night (04.22.11) when an EF2 tornado struck Webster County, Kentucky. The family's entire farming operation was also destroyed.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. While this is a sad and dark time for them, there is an amazing spirit of community present among loved ones in need. I cannot be there physically to help clean-up the devastation, but I’m praying for my friends as they piece their lives back together.

On a much lighter note, I woke up this morning in an empty bed. Kevin left early for an auction northwest of Fort Worth but I didn’t linger because I had to get an early start on the BIG stack of student essay and illustration projects. It was a huge grading endeavor that I had to get done today. I began at 8:00 this morning and finished the dreadful task at 9:30 tonight. Oh. My. Goodness. Call me an idiot. Go ahead. I AM AN IDIOT!!!! Why did I assign such a task? Why did I assign this before a holiday weekend? Oh wait, there’s an even better question: why did I assign this project at the END of the grading period when grades MUST be entered and posted to the data collection office? Yes, I am an idiot. But, alas, the grading is finished, students’ grades have been uploaded in the electronic grade book, and I can cross this item off my to-do list. Yeah, go me!

It’s been an emotional couple of days but, it’s true: we live in a Good Friday world. However, we should live these dark days with the hope that Easter will come. I’m ready for tomorrow. I’m ready for Easter.

Living for the promise,



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