O.C.D Perfection

I'm the child that, when in grade school, would start over rather than erase a mistake on a paper.

My handwriting is UBER perfect. Most of the time. Occassionally, when I'm in a hurry it will resemble a mess. But even then, people still say it's as neat as a typed font.

I've always received compliments regarding my penmanship (i.e. handwriting) since I was a young girl. My father has beautiful writing; in fact, my Dad taught me calligraphy around age 6. That made a huge impact on my handwriting.

As I have gotten older, I've gotten into the habit of printing instead of writing (cursive). However, I made my Dad a promise that I would make it a resolution of mine this year to print less and use the writing skills he taught me at an early age.

My handwriting is a gift that I am proud to share with others too. I am the old-fashioned type that writes hand-written notes and letters to friends instead of emails. If anything, I am a Southern Belle and I ALWAYS send a hand-written thank-you note for ANYTHING worth being grateful for. It's important to me. 🙂

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