Two Friends Going “Gruene”

My best friend, Kimberly, lives in Austin and I drove three hours last night to spend the weekend with her. She’s going through a difficult time and I needed/wanted to be here for her and with her. I love this girl. She’s my partner in crime. 

Today was an absolutely gorgeous and sunny day in Central Texas. There was not one cloud in the sky and it couldn’t have been more than 75-degrees. We didn’t pay attention to a clock or our phones, those things weren’t important. The only thing that mattered was Kim and I were together. We talked, shared, laughed, cried, and wholly enjoyed the peacefulness, quietness, and stillness of nature. It has been an awesome day.

About 45 minutes south of Austin, overlooking the Guadalupe River, is a little gem town named Gruene – pronounced GREEN. It’s one of those places locals try to keep secret, but tourists always find and want to enjoy. I’m glad I was a semi-tourist today. I say “semi tourist” because Kim has been visiting Gruene since she was a little girl AND we arrived to town today in her kick-ass, cherry red Ford Mustang like we owned that joint. Besides, tourists were arriving on Greyhound buses and wearing name tags.

Here’s a photo-recap of our day together:

A funny little story about the Gristmill Restaurant…this past week in class my students have been learning about the various economic activities in Texas during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, including industries like gristmills and sawmills. I showed students photographs and images of gristmills from online sources and one of the search results was this restaurant’s webpage….who knew that I would be enjoying a DEE-LICIOUS lunch with my bestie Kimberly just a few days later?!

Kim and I sampled different Texas wines at The Grapevine…our favorite was “Ghostrider” produced in Fredericksburg by Chisholm Trail Winery. Cheers!

This was “our” table at The Grapevine…we laughed and cried, then sat in silence and watched the world go by. It was heavenly.

After finishing our glass of wine – probably two hours later! – Kim and I made our way down to the river. You want beauty, keep scrolling!

Kim has promised me another trip to the River later this summer. Wanna know what we’re gonna do?!

According to Kimberly, toobing is the act of putting your ass in the center of a (hot-as-hell, black) tire (that may or may not be fully inflated) wearing minimal/inappropriate clothing, and consuming excessive amounts of adult beverages, as well as indulging in such delicacies as Doritos (store brand, of course) and ham-and-cheese sandwiches (also store brand). Disclaimer: By engaging in such activities you may be subject to things such as: mangy dogs, cowboy hats made of beer cartons, turtles having sex, saggy-baggy boobies, incoherent singing and exceptional use of swear words. If you are offended by any of these things, you may want to stay away from our waterin’ hole, bitches.

The water in Gruene is green and REALLY cold!!!

We met this lizard on our way back to town. He was a cutie.

Same lizard. Different angle.

Infamous “Gruene Hall” – the oldest dance hall in Texas. And, the stage.

More friendly animals in Gruene, this deer was laying down next to The Tearoom Restaurant, also in Gruene. Kim and I enjoyed the shaded porch nearby and met these lovely deer. They got really close at one point.

Kim and I returned to her apartment and her wonderful roommate had rescued this beautiful cat we have already named Sabbath. He’s a royal little creature, already making himself home on Kim’s bed, right under the fan and atop a luxuriously soft blanket. He also found a convenient water refreshment bowl.

What an ending to a wonderful, glorious, and most beautiful sunny day spent with a precious friend. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.



  1. What a great friend… we all need friends like you. The dance hall looks like a great time. Seems like you had a wonderful time with her, and I am sure, she feels a lot better.

    • Thank you! We both need each other, it’s what friends are for. This weekend has been awesome, not to mention the delicious cupcakes we enjoyed yesterday. When all else fails, eat sweets!!!!

  2. I’m sure your friend was feeling a lot better after enjoying this day with you. Chatting over a glass of wine with a special friend can work wonders! Hic!
    Gruene looks like a cool place to visit and the scenery by the river is beautiful!

  3. I stopped by because I have a hat from Gruene Hall. The only hat I really ever wear (not much of a hat guy). I visited there several years ago, as a tourist, while visiting a friend in San Antonio.

  4. Looks like the perfect day! I hope your friend is doing better. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! =)

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