Village Idiot: All Max’d Out

The local village called, their idiot is missing…….

I feel really stupid. Until a week ago, I didn’t even know what a “maxi” was. Well, that’s not entirely true. My first thought was a female’s worst nightmare at a particular time of the month when tampons are not available. However, I consulted with a fashionista and learned that a maxi was the opposite of mini.


I’m so glad to have gone through 20-plus years of schooling to earn my higher-education to know the opposite of mini is maxi. Now I feel like a smart-ass. Moving on.

This month’s clothing challenge at Every Body Every Wear is a maxi skirt. Of course I did not own a maxi until a week ago. While waiting to meet a friend last week, I went into Ross and figured this “thing” would be worth the $5.99 gamble. I call it a “thing” because according to the label it can be worn multiple ways. Don’t worry, I’m NOT that brave and have no intention of being brave with this particular item of clothing now in my possession. I already had the white polo and brown sandals.

I guess this would be as good time as any to admit another IDIOT move on my part with this whole EBEW / maxi event: I was dressed in this exact outfit last Thursday morning all ready and willing to take pictures when I realized I was SIX days early!!!!! Thank goodness I checked the website and allowed plenty of time to change into more “Nicole-ism” clothes. I think I wore capri pants and a cashmere sweater to school instead. I wasn’t at all concerned if a big burst of wind was going to blow my skirt up to my eyeballs.

Shirt, Wal-Mart; skirt, Ross; sandals, Target - total cost of ensemble: less than $40

Again, my sincere apologies at this terrible self-portrait. My husband laughed out loud when he saw this picture and is STILL making fun of me not only that I’m blogging about the clothes I wore today, but also because I stood outside (before dawn!) in front a camera that was sitting on the trunk of my car. Yeah, I need a life. Or more friends. Or both.

After scrolling through the other pictures on EBEW, I don’t feel worthy of being called a participant because my skirt is not long enough. At least it doesn’t look like the other pictures. Mine does not drag the ground or hide my knees and legs. Where is the manual for wearing a maxi skirt correctly? I’m an epic failure.

I hope you like my feeble attempt at being fashionable for a day………I’m returning to the village now.



  1. First of all, you are not an idiot! I think it’s awesome that:

    1. You learned something new.
    2. You scored a cute skirt for $5.99.
    3. You took a fashion risk.
    and 4. You had the guts to photograph youtself doing it.

    Defining some sort of personal style is the result of trial and error and trying lots of new things! If this skirt is convertible, try it different ways! =) You could tuck in a shirt or try it with a belt, etc. I’m going to post a how-to for creating a belted look on full-ish skirts without using a belt… =)

    I love that you posted this and that you’re challenging yourself even though your husband laughed. Tell him to look at my crazy outfits…who needs a life now? =)

    • And this is why I love Lisa D!!!!!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
      P.S. I finally found a pair of TALL denim trousers and the best part: they were on clearance at Coldwater Creek. They’re in the washer now and I’m excited to try these. I hope they fit. I hope they’re fabulous. And, I hope they’re photo-worthy. 🙂

  2. But it is a really cute skirt!!

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