Friday Date Night

Get home from school/work and husband offers to buy me dinner.

Dinner is at a mom-and-pop Mexican restaurant in Cleburne. The salsa’s chunky. The prices are reasonable. I’m hungry. The food’s yummy and the tea is sweet.

On our way home, we stop for diesel and Kevin sees a roping buddy. After 30 minutes of roping talk, they decide to go watch tonight’s jackpot competition at a local roping arena.

So is my life as a roper’s wife.



  1. lol, some days it’s not so bad, but other times it’s like whhhyy me? 🙂 My husband and I will be having a perfectly nice conversation, only to be stopped abruptly at the sight of bucks in a field. The car screeches and turns to put the headlights on them. Nearly kills me!

    • Been there, done that…..only we were in Kevin’s big truck driving about 75 mph down the highway when something catches his eye, next thing I know we’re doing a u-turn through a ditch, over a culvert, and up the other side of the road. Behind a barn and row of trees a roping pen was being built. GO FIGURE!!!!!!!

      You gotta love our life right?!

  2. Well, at least he took you out for dinner first!

    • Barb, I have learned in the nine years we’ve been together that anytime – no matter the time of day – if he offers me food, I accept. (Besides, does it look like I’ve missed a meal?!) Also, anytime roping is involved, I always eat before or take a bag of snacks. It’s never a “couple of hours,” it’s usually all day and most of the night. 🙂

  3. I guess it could be worse. Besides, watching the guys rope is kind of a treat. I’ve barreled but really want to learn to rope! Hope you had a good time!

    • Jan, it could ALWAYS be worse!!!!!! Luckily, dinner was good, the roping was decent, and conversations with ropers and other roper’s wives was great! I love my life, it is a treat to spend time with the men (and women!) who rope and enjoy this event/sport. I used to play competitive golf, so it’s a pleasure for me to watch Kevin compete and have fun too. Plus, the weather last night was perfect – breezy enough to be enjoyable without knocking you over. 🙂

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