Fried Steak and a Cheap Sweater

There is something about a dinner plate filled with fried steak, mashed potatoes, and soft, warm biscuits all topped with creamy (and completely dairy free, made with soymilk) brown gravy. I am one lucky girl.

FYI: The day I married Kevin was the last day I bought beef at any grocery store. His family processes (is this a politically correct statement?!) at least two steers every year, so our freezer is ALWAYS stocked with 100-percent grass-fed beef raised at Kevin’s parent’s place in East Texas. Any fresher and it would still be on the hoof. Literally.

Last night, before going to bed, I set two packages of tenderized beef out to thaw. Before I left for work/school this morning, I put the meat in the fridge. I thought about that meat ALL DAY!!!

During lunch, I ate my sandwich with one hand and surfed the Web with the other. I came across a new blog, The Pioneer Woman, that you MUST visit. This woman, Ree, is really talented. And pretty. And cooks. She married a cowboy. (Score!). She has four beautiful children. (Awesome!) My favorite thing about Ree: she has a basset hound. His name is Charlie. He’s really cute.

Fried Round Steak – PW’s recipe if you want CFS in less than 20 minutes.

Chicken Fried Steak – PW’s recipe if you have a little more time and want something more traditional.

I’ve made chicken fried steak a hundred times, but tonight’s tasted soooo good! I think it was PW’s blog that got me craving CFS delicious-ness long before it was time for the dinner bell. Lucky for me, the afternoon was smooth sailing. Seriously, I did not get stuck in rush hour traffic (it was 5:05 pm when I left Fort Worth), every light was green in Burleson (miracle!), and Kevin was hungry and biting at the bit for something fried and fattening. He’s one lucky man too. 

I am so disappointed and deeply regretful that I did not take a single picture of my culinary creation. I didn’t think about it until I was scraping gravy off my plate with a biscuit and licking my fingers. I’m really sorry. You gotta believe me when I say it was REALLY good.

I did find time to snap some awful-dreadful-pathetic self-portraits of myself in a skirt (I really have legs, contrary to what some of my students believe). I also wore my new Talbot’s sweater. Now, before you get all huffy-puffy about me wearing Talbot’s, let me assure you that it came from their CLEARANCE rack. The only item I buy full price is Charmin ultra-soft toilet paper. The sweater’s original tag price was $119.00 – ouch. Who would pay that for a thin sweater made of cotton? I also bought a pair of dress capri pants (tag price $129) for a cool $11.46. Score another one for this girl!

OK, enough Frugal Frances (hey, that could be a whole other blog or post!!!). Check out these Best of the Terrible Self-Portraits.

I’m glad I could provide you with a good laugh and CFS recipe. I apologize profusely for not taking pictures of supper, I will try better next time. Happy Monday y’all!!!!



  1. Hmmph! I was anticipating seeing your dinner in all it’s glory, my mouth watering at every single word and then – nothing! Your forgot? Too keen to get your lips round that meat, huh? It’s ok, I can forgive you – this time.
    I like the sweater, and you look pretty good in a skirt!

    • I’m sorry!!!!!! My heart aches with disappointment about the lack of fried steak pictures, but my stomach sure was happy!!!!! My mind was focused on consuming, not picture-taking. HAHAHA Next time, I promise. Pinky swear. 🙂

      You’re too kind.

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