#1 – I believe…

…in life’s simple pleasures.

To me, there is nothing more peaceful than holding a sleeping newborn baby — or opening a new box of Crayola crayons — or that moment of weightlessness at takeoff in an airplane — or a meal shared with friends and family.

What’s your simple pleasure?



  1. Celeste Zachry says:

    I love the laughter of my children, the smell of clean laundry, my husband’s kiss on my forehead, the excitement of the first day of school – every year, a great glass of wine, laughter to the point of tears, the peace of a nap, the smell of bread baking and flowers come quickly to my mind.

  2. Georgia McDaniel says:

    I love being with my Mom to see her favorite 200+year old Ginko tree. While we were there on that windy, sunny day the leaves were falling all around us. It was raining gold leaves! I was over-whelmed with the beauty of the moment and being able to share her joy. Also, this past August the monarch butterflies were so thick on my butterfly bush and the butterflies were everywhere. It was such a beautiful sight to see all that amazing color. I also love puppies, sunsets and sunrises and the beauty of spring. Flowers bring me joy.

  3. Reading a good book uninterrupted, long soak in the tub, Sunday afternoon naps, watching kids succeed

  4. spring flowers, campfires, chocolate chip cookies & milk, babies, puppies, old married couples being sweet to each other, first day of school, last day of school

  5. One of them would have to be holding a newborn baby. Another would be enjoying a meal with my family all around me, or reading a good book, or simply watching the excitement of newborn lambs as they skip and jump for joy!

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