My Favorite Things

I’m trying to energize my blog and increase visitor traffic. A fellow blogger suggested a “Top 10” or favorite things list. Easy enough. For my “favorites” debut I will do something I think will be simple and familiar. Oprah has her favorite things, and while they are incredible and fabulous in their own right, I’m going to share some of my favorite Kentucky things and places. Spring break is just a couple of weeks away, so I’m gearing up for a few days of sweet bliss in The Bluegrass State.

This is my Kentucky:

Bell's Drug Store ~ Sebree, Kentucky (photo courtesy of

Kentucky Horse Park ~ Lexington, Kentucky (photo courtesy of

Rupp Arena, home of the University of Kentucky Wildcats Men's Basketball Team ~ Lexington, Kentucky

U.S. Bullion Depository (the Gold Vault), HR Command Center, and the General George Patton Museum ~ Fort Knox, Kentucky

Land Between the Lakes ~ Eddyville, Kentucky

My Old Kentucky Home State Park, home of Stephen Foster, and the Bourbon Capital of the World ~ Bardstown, Kentucky

Doe Run Inn & Restaurant ~ Bradenburg, Kentucky (photo courtesy of

Newport Aquarium ~ Newport, Kentucky (photo courtesy of

I could not do this list without some of my favorite things about Louisville, Kentucky. The city is so rich in tradition that it deserves its own pictorial. Cheers!

Jack Fry's ~ 2010 "Best Restaurant" in Louisville

Belle of Louisville (photo courtesy of

Castleman Statue, The Highlands, Cherokee Triangle, and The Willow High-Rise Condominiums (photo courtesy of

Glassworks Gallery & Art Studio

World's Largest Bat at The Louisville Slugger Museum (photo courtesy of

Fourth Street Live

Churchill Downs (photo courtesy of

Kentucky Derby Museum

Joe Ley Antiques (photo courtesy of



  1. Just checked out your site (came here from Simple Life of a Country Wife). Will continue to check back, thanks for giving me a glimpse of Louisville. Our former preacher grew up there and she talks fondly of it. Nice to read about other parts of our country.

    • Hattonlife, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope you will visit again. Please leave feedback, I really enjoy reading/writing blog posts and I love to hear from readers.

      Louisville, KY is a wonderful, beautiful, and historical city…but I’m a little partial! haha Really, it’s a great city that gets better with age. I’m headed there next week to spend time with family during my spring break. Sooooo looking forward to this trip!!!!

      Happy weekend. :>)

  2. Love it! Makes me want to go on a trip to Kentucky! Excited to figure out WP. Any suggestions on how to customize? Wondering if you can post a video and not just a url to the video? Also, would love to get a ClustrMap icon too! Feel free to bounce ideas off me! I’m eager to learn!

    • MBFXC, my blog template is a generic freebie “theme” provided by WordPress. I’m not sure about the video posts, unless you try it in HTML format (on the post page). I’ve not posted a video on WP, but it was fairly simple on Blogger ~ if I could successfully post on Blogger, I’m sure you can on WP. I have faith in you!!!! You have introduced me to a new term, ClustrMap. What is that?!

      Here’s an idea bounce for you: post suggestions? I feel like I have not found my niche. My posts seem so sporadic…perhaps, though, because my life is sporadic and unpredictable! Happy Thursday to you, Friday is almost here. :>)

  3. You are brave to be so vulnerable with your posts. BJ and I vowed to start blogging this weekend when we were in LA….now if we just get to it.

  4. IPAD 2 is available March 11……I want one!!

  5. My favorite thing right now…..MY IPHONE!! AND

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