What. A. Day.

Let me preface this mumbo-jumbo by saying I have been locked inside a classroom for 10 hours with 20 seventh-graders. Terrible Tuesday? Possibly. Today was NOT a typical day but, nonetheless, I survived. Praise the Lord.

For some unknown reason, I woke up at 4:15 this morning to the sounds of dogs barking, roosters cock-a-doodling, and donkeys hee-hawing. Welcome to my country life! Got to school at 7:15, finished grading make-up assignments students turned in yesterday. Grading period for the six-weeks ends this Friday, so I’m trying to get everything graded, recorded, and uploaded to the online grade book. One. Step. At. A. Time. (yawn)

On the bright side, I successfully administered my first standardized test today, as a full-time teacher. It was very nerve-wrecking, especially when an education agent strolled ~ silently ~ through the room. I hoped she liked what she saw, I was trying my best to do everything perfectly. These kinds of days absolutely bore the life out of me. I would rather have been taking the test WITH students today than have to administer and patrol the darn thing. My patience wains at moments like these. I feel for the students, I really do, but for the love of Saint Sleep, take a nap if you’re bored AND the teacher allows it!!!!

Photo courtesy of dumbpeeps.com

I would have given anything to sit and close my eyes for a minute or two. Instead, I’m required to “actively monitor” and pace up and down, back and forth, between rows of desks making sure said-students are completing their compositions or darkening circles on their answer document. It’s all fine and dandy until they finish. That’s when the trouble begins. Most of my students dislike reading (unless it’s a text message, of course); so very few had a book, magazine, or other reading material. They are 12-14 years old. Of course they are going to be restless. Of course they want to talk. Of course they don’t want to listen when another adult tells them to sit still, be quiet, and wait for your neighbor to finish. By 2:00 today, I didn’t want to keep walking, be quiet, or wait for students to finish! Hurry up, already ~ geeesh!!!!!!! Thank you, Lord, for comfortable, supportive footwear. I had no problem ~ do I ever? ~ wearing pink Nike athletic shoes with black dress pants and a blue sweater. Needless to say, I didn’t bother with my usual banter at fellow drivers in rush-hour traffic this afternoon either. The opportunity to SIT was so nice. As soon as I got home, I changed into my PJ’s and sat in my chair. I’m still sitting in this chair. My loving, adoring, wonderful, and gracious husband even poured me a glass of sweet tea. Bless his lil’ heart. I’m too tired to eat, I’m not even hungry.

I don’t know where I was going with this post, but I guess I’ve either arrived or fell off the deep end. Either way, I’m going to bed. Dreamland, here I come!

P.S. I think I have a date Saturday. I mouthed off to Kevin saying I wanted to go bowling and his reply, “Bring it on, Gutter Girl. I’ll beat you at bowling if you want.” I’m not very good, but I always have fun. Date night ~ score one for me! If he buys me dinner, I’ve won the lottery. We’ll have to wait and see how this turns out.

Photo courtesy of fluffyfeet.net

Last thing: The barking, cock-a-doodling, and hee-hawing at the butt-crack-of-dawn was for good reason: a baby donkey was born about 4:00 am. Saw the neighbor tonight and one of the Jenny (female) donkeys had a baby. I’m too tired to even consider the proper name of a baby donkey, any suggestions? I’ll stick with Baby Donkey. It’s a small donkey, about the size of a labrador retriever with thick, course fur. He/She is very cute too. Mama Donkey let me pet Baby Donkey. Everybody saw AWWWW!!!!



  1. I can so relate to the standardized testing and trying to keep the kids quiet while the others finished. I taught elementary school for nine years in Minnesota about the time they instituted Graduation Standards and a whole bunch of tests.

    The kids were bored and so was I.

    I love the photo of the baby donkey…Cute! Jeanne

    • Good morning, Jeanne ~

      Standardized test stressed me out as a kid and now they bore the life out of as an adult…go figure!

      Baby Donkey is an adorable fur-ball. He should have a buddy pretty soon, there’s another Jenny that’s due any day now. Our neighbor has the loudest, and most reproductive, animals on the planet: donkeys, chickens, goats, and dogs!!!!!! At least they’re all cute when they’re little.

      Happy Friday!

  2. I have much admiration for teachers these days – especially if you are teaching teenagers, as I know how much of a handful they can be. Teachers wages are a pittance for the work they do both in class and out of class.
    The pic of the donkey and her new baby is very cute and now you know the reason for all the hee-hawing so early in the morning! Isn’t country life just great?

    • Teaching, as I’ve heard sooooo many times, is a calling; you are NOT in this profession for the money ~ but summer vacation is sure nice! haha Yes, country life is fabulous too, even with all the strange noises before the crack of dawn. I have to say, though, Baby Donkey sure is a cutie-patootie. Mama Donkey is very gentle and trusting, she let me touch her AND Baby. He’s so soft and furry. There should be another one soon…stay tuned! :>)

  3. postadaychallenge2011 says:

    Teachers do not get enough credit for what they do! I admire that you can teach 12-14 year olds. Mine is a girl and is 17 now. I raised her as a single mom.I worked in a salon, barber shop, pizza hut, and bar maid in a bar for a moose lodge. Three years 7 days a week. I am glad that is over. THings are easier now, now that she is older. SHe always saw me, READING, thus now she is starting to READ actual books! I am so proud of her. If I could leave behind one thing it is the imprtance of learning from teachers, and reading books.

    • Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate you visiting my blog and I wish the very best for your growing and maturing daughter….oh, to be 17 again – NOT!!! It’s so tough now, I don’t know if I could do it all over again. Many blessing and happy blogging! :>)

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