I am a bit curious about the website called Etsy. There’s some really cute stuff (I say that cautiously because I’m not a fru-fru kind of girl), but I am most interested in the items representing my homestate, Kentucky. I might have to break out the credit card for a couple of these. Can a girl ever have too much Bluegrass-ware? I think not.

"502 in the 'Ville"

 This necklace could serve dual-purposes because the “502” area code is specific to the Louisville and Central Kentucky areas now, but back in the good-ol days it covered the entire state. I remember when “270” was introduced and how frustrating it was to dial a number on my grandmother’s rotary telephone. Kids these days don’t even know what a rotary telephone is…..oh dear, I said “kids these days” again ~ that’s twice in two days!!!!! What’s wrong with me???

"My Old Kentucky Home"

"Kentucky Derby Pendant"

I’m really curious about the “Kentucky Derby Pendant” and the year this picture was taken because my grandfather was a huge supporter and regular patron at Churchill Downs. I can imagine him at the track with his bourbon and stat sheets. There’s hardly anything more beautiful than those Twin Spires, I miss my Kentucky.

"Kentucky Girl Shirt"

Amen, I love this shirt ~ it’s so true! Kentucky girls are one-of-a-kind.

"Kentucky Cutting Board"

I’d probably buy this cutting board, but there’s no way I’d ever use it. Definitely a “display only” item for me.

"Love and Luck Horseshoe"

This horseshoe is probably my favorite houseware item I’ve seen yet. Of course, my husband would whip me (hey, sounds like fun!) if he knew I was even considering purchasing a horseshoe considering we have about a hundred in the barn right now. (One of the perks of owning your own horses!!!!) But, husband, this is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! The pendant reads, “bless this house with much love and luck.” How sweet. I think this would be a nice touch hanging above a door or window. I don’t have any horseshoes in the house or jewelry items, but my “borrowed” item for our wedding was a horseshoe pendant necklace. I would like a similar necklace as an anniversary present ~ HINT TO KEVIN (who never reads this blog).

OK, so maybe I ought to give this Etsy thing a try.

(screaming) HUSBANDDDDD, CAN I BORROW YOUR CREDIT CARD??????????? (oh wait, I have my own. Score!)

So, are you an Etsy fan or foe? Are you a frequent shopper? How does this work? Let me know. Please, enlighten me!



  1. I love Etsy! I am much more of a browser than a buyer, in no small part because I am in the UK, and the postage costs would be high. But I love it. It’s great to pick a theme (for you, here obviously Kentucky, for me, often Star Wars), and spend a good hour or so browsing.

  2. Nicole, talk to your mother-in-law. She knows all the ins and outs of ETSY.

    • That’s good to know ~ should I make a wish list for birthday and Christmas?!?! Hope you’re doing well, give that husband of yours a hug from his favorite neice-in-law from Kentucky. :>)

  3. Oh, I am definitely an etsy addict!! It’s impossible not to be drawn in by all of the beautiful, hand-made goodies!! Happy shopping… you could easily spend a small fortune 🙂

  4. Oh, Nicole. Welcome to my life! I am not a frequent etsy buyer (because I am a poor graduate student), but it is hands down my favorite time waster website. I’m posting a link at the bottom of this comment to a necklace I suspect you will love. Nicholas got it for me for Christmas, but the seller is on vacation through mid-March. I’m sure she’ll have one in her shop when she gets back!

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