Friday’s Foto: REFUGE

Sorry it’s been an entire week since I’ve last posted, my life is upside down, sideways, and inside out!  But, never fear, God’s grace prevails and “this too shall pass.”

Anyway, I really love this week’s photo challenge: REFUGE. According to, refuge means “a safe place.” I think it’s safe (no pun intended) to say this little bundle of precious-ness that I am holding is content and very comfy. (I have nice “pillows” made just for holding babies close to my heart.) Just looking at this picture of Miss Avery, who is the daughter of a friend I don’t get to see too often, makes me want to find a baby and snuggle. I’m a sucker for cuddling with babies. There is no wrapping around my finger, I’m wrapped all over! Avery is now a whopping nine months old, I haven’t held her since this picture was taken. Ouch.

Speaking of babies, K. and H. welcomed their baby girl, Adalee, into the world last week. I am soooooooo excited to head to Kentucky in March (during Spring Break) for a visit with the family and to get all the baby loving I can get. Seriously, I will plant myself in a rocking chair or a corner of the couch and stay there until it’s time to return to Texas.

What’s your interpretation of refuge? Join me in the weekly photo challenge at The Daily Post .

And, please share your thoughts and comments. I love reading what my visitors have to say.

Happy Friday, y’all ~ enjoy the weekend!



  1. I love this!! But wow, I feel so awful that you haven’t seen Avery since she was brand new! We need to hangout soon. I miss you!

  2. That is a beautiful photo Nicole, and perfect for the Refuge Challenge; where else could a baby feel safer than right there in your arms. A photo to be treasured for sure.

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