Friday’s Foto: CURIOSITY killed the cupcakes

This is not EXACTLY how I interpreted this week’s photo challenge, but I decided to run with the old saying “curiosity killed the cat,” except with a little twist on my current situation. It’s been a really crappy week, and the pictures below just magnify this statement. Please, have pity on me ~ and leave a comment if you chuckled at my cupcake’s mishap. CHEERS!

T.G.I.F…….I don’t think I could physically take another day. It’s been one of those weeks – the kind with too many tears. 

I know, you’re curious, right? Well, keep reading ~

This is what I get for trying to be nice and be PROACTIVE and PREPARE for a youth dinner at church this Sunday. I was just trying to be nice. I was just trying to help. I was just…

A mess. My emotions are a mess. And these cupcakes, oh my, they are a big mess! Please laugh. I did. This picture sums up my week PERFECTLY. If these damn cupcakes were milk-free ~ remember, I have a severe milk allergy ~ I’d eat every last one of them. Just because.

To the driver in the red pickup truck on Highway 174 who slammed on his brakes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION with a GREEN light: You’re a poop head. Yeah, I said it!



  1. Hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and that this week goes much, much better!!!

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