An unmarked book

I’ve been really fortunate in my education to have really great teachers and professors. In April, Kentucky Monthly (yes, I’m a subscriber) will honor professors at Kentucky colleges and universities in a very unique way: professor superlatives – check out the link here!!!

I cast my vote for Dr. O’Keeffe, an English professor at Bellarmine University  in Louisville, Kentucky as my most memorable professor. I had several classes with Dr. O’Keeffe my freshman year of college, including expository writing and reading literature. He said many insightful things, but there is one statement that continues to stay with me, “an unmarked book is an unread book.” When he said this, we were reading _Things Fall Apart_ by Chinua Achebe. I have to be honest, I struggled greatly in the beginning with this book – until Dr. O’Keeffe made his forever-wise comment. I immediately went to the bookstore, purchased my own copy of the book, and began marking text and writing notes in the margins. To this day, I continue with this habit. Thank you, Dr. O’Keeffe, for this pearl of wisdom and your wonderful reply to my recent email. My heart smiled and it made my day!

So, fellow bloggers, do you have a particular teacher or professor (or educator in general) that made an impact on you?


I appreciate all comments and read every single one. (To avoid the spam garbage, I approve them.) Go ahead, share your thoughts - it makes me smile when you do that!

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