It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas?

Winter Storm 2011

Snow Day #4 and I accomplished absolutely nothing today, except increased traffic on this blog and took pictures of the winter wonderland. The snow that fell overnight is beautiful, but treacherous. I bundled up in wool socks, a hooded sweatshirt, and my parka coat to snap some photos. I was trekking slow and steady until – BOOM! – I slipped on the ice and fell to the ground. No worries, I have lots of padding in the rear (aka “junk in the trunk”).

I love mornings after a snow shower when the world is still, quiet, and so peaceful. Living in the country, outside the realms of the hustle and bustle, makes it even better. After maneuvering myself back onto two feet and dusting my backside off, I carefully treaded across the fresh, unmarked snow through the front yard and towards the barn. Luckily, Curtis was out to get a drink of water and he greeted me with a good morning “neigh” and nuzzled my cheek. He was also looking for treats in my pocket, but I forgot to take a handful with me. When he realized I was cookie-less, he took one last gulp of water and went back into the warm(er) barn. Fine, be that way! I made my way across the front yard and two doves that were nesting in the tall grass flew away. It scared the bejeepers out of me!

Curtis says, "Good Morning!"

Footsteps....slow and steady

WIPEOUT!!!! This is where I landed on my backside, solid sheet of ice under that powdery snow!!!

According the local weatherman, the temperature is supposed to reach 40° tomorrow. If that’s the case, most of this snow and ice should melt just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. I have to finish cleaning tomorrow and go to the grocery. I’m positive the rest of North Texas is thinking the same thing, so I plan to get up early and miss the crowds. I prefer to do my grocery-shopping without the crazy mobs. When I was at Wal-Mart Monday evening, two women were arguing over the last loaf of bread. I quickly turned my cart around and figured we could live without bread for a couple of days!!!! 

If you have snow where you are, I hope it is as beautiful as it is here in North Texas. I also pray that you stay safe and warm.

How do you beat cabin fever?



  1. The snow sure looks beautiful – it always used to give me a thrill to be the first person to walk through a freshly fallen snow covered area.

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