Snowed In – Day 3

The thermometer refuses to climb above 20 degrees and the solid coating of ice everywhere will not budge. It’s day three of this snow-bound adventure and I have to be honest: cabin fever set in today. I was irritable, sensitive, and moody. It’s also that time of the month. At least I was productive. The mirrors above both sink vanities in our bathroom are up, as well as the toilet tissue holder. Kudos to my husband for doing the latter, I was too busy measuring the precise location of the mirrors and figuring out where I would insert the Hercules Hooks into the wall. Have you used these magical wall-hangers? Everything mounted on the wall in my house is held by a Hercules Hook – I swear by them!

Kevin and I put on a couple extra layers of clothing to venture out into the freezing cold. The Dodge was low on diesel fuel and we were interested in people-gazing, so we carefully drove to Burleson for fuel. The truck was thirsty and we were hungry. The county road could easily suffice as the ice rink for the Olympics and the main roads were not any better. Fortunately, we have four-wheel-drive but even that does not guarantee a safe trip. The car wash at H-E-B suffered a major water leak last night, but the icicles were beautiful. I can imagine they are going to be a very expensive repairs too. I imagine others were suffering cabin fever as well, Wendy’s was busy when we stopped for lunch. We made it home safe and sound. Kevin, in true fashion, dropped me off at the house and then did donuts in the yard with his truck. A boy and his toy. I love that man.

I think it is safe to say our bathroom remodeling project is officially COMPLETE. The mirrors are up, the toilet tissue holder is on the wall near the toilet, and our stuff is in the cabinet, rather than the card table in the bedroom. It’s amazing – and disgusting – how dirty a house can get during a reconstruction. I had to wipe everything down before taking it into the bathroom. Yuck! I also filled two more LARGE garbage bags of knickknacks and clothes to donate to Goodwill. I have five bags needing to go, might do that tomorrow (if I’m brave enough). I also vacuumed the carpet in our bedroom…GROSS. ME. OUT. At least I got my money’s worth out of the Dyson today. Wow.

When’s the last time you had a meaningful conversation with someone you really like? I had one tonight with Rev L (she’s my pastor, friend, confidant, and partner-in-crime). She’s leaving for Angel Fire tomorrow and said she had to hear my voice before she left town for a week. Now that is a friend. Life’s been pretty crappy lately and I don’t know why I think I have to tackle all of life’s stresses by myself when I have wonderful friends to confide in. She’s so insightful and encouraging about so many things.

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ I interrupt regular programming to announce Fort Worth I.S.D. will be closed Friday, February 4 due to inclement weather, hazardous driving conditions, and power outages.

Surprise, surprise. Didn’t see that coming. Actually, tomorrow was already a scheduled waiver / professional development day for teachers but the District has cancelled all of those meetings. Another day off from school. Another day I get to sit at home in my pajamas. YAY!!!!!

We now resume regular programming…

I decided earlier tonight that I was going to participate in something that is totally in left field for me: a fashion blog event. A former co-worker of mine, Lisa D., is a fabulous blogger with serious fashion sense (something I terribly lack). Lisa – The Coastal Chicster – has been participating in these 30 for 30 challenges and her outfits have been crazy good. I’m sure I could assemble 30 outfits from my very pathetic wardrobe, but it would be quite the embarrassment compared to all of the perfectly pressed, well-put-together ensembles of these ladies. Besides, I doubt I even have 30 items in my closet, including accessories, that are picture worthy! Anyway, I found something that I think I can do – or at least I’m going to try – on Tuesday, February 8 with Every Body, Every Wear : wear a blazer. Yeah, that’s right. I’m going to wear a blazer, take a picture, upload it, and pat myself on the back. Gosh, I’m nervous as all get out.

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Besides eating lunch with other humans (don’t you love being a social creature?!), completing our re-mod project, cleaning our bedroom, having a heart-to-heart with Rev L, and accepting a lofty challenge today, I also finished reading my first book of 2011, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I began reading it when Kevin and I flew to Kentucky for Christmas. It’s a really great book. Beautifully written, poignant language, and a timeless story of injustice, friendship, heartache, and finding one’s own life.



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