Snowed In – Day 2

This weather is out of control. The high temperature today was a balmy 16 degrees and tonight’s low is expected to reach single digits. Of course, that’s not factoring in the minus-zero wind chills. Brrr – this is crazy!!!

Woke up this morning to silence, which startled me because we always have the ceiling fan turned on. Somewhere in between consciousness and Dream-ville I jumped out of bed when I realized the power was gone. It freaked me out until I stopped long enough to figure out the house was not at all cool and panicking was unnecessary at the moment. Kevin was awake by then and found me rummaging through the recycle box on our bedroom floor. I was looking for the electric bill invoice to find a telephone number to call and report an outage. I finally found it but every call I made (six in total), all I got was a busy signal. We were obviously NOT the only household in United Cooperative’s grid system to be without power. Less than 10 minutes later, the power turns on. We’re saved!

While being snow bound, Kevin and I have made a mockery of the local news reports and have thoroughly enjoyed making wise-cracks at the stories and reactions to the current weather situation. In the span of a 30-minute broadcast, there are at least 25 “breaking news” stories to report the temperature is freezing a$$ cold, another vehicle has spun out of control on a local freeway, or more Super Bowl fans have arrived in North Texas. This morning, however, the news was relevant to our cause. The Associated Press from Austin reported:

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas {ERCOT} has ordered utilities to begin rotating electrical outages to compensate for a power shortage linked to the extreme cold weather.

WHOA!!!!! What do you mean “rotating electrical outages?!?!” Exactly that. Power would go off at intervals and hope you were on the short-end of the duration stick. Lucky for us, our power did not turn off again. Unfortunately for some, they experienced multiple outages and others are still without power tonight. Mind you, tonight is going to be the coldest in 15 years. Way to go ERCOT. Natural gas companies are also feeling the crunch as many thousands of customers are without fuel to their homes on this very chilly night. Reporters are saying these rolling outages and limited supply of natural gas will continue through the weekend. It’s supposed to reach a balmy 37 degrees by Saturday….come on, heat wave!  

What did I accomplish on Day 2 of being snow bound? Dressed in my finest snow-day attire (pajamas), I hung the mirrors in our bathroom, finished the load of laundry I left in the dryer last night, and polished the furniture in the dining room and living room. You can no longer write your name in the dust on the TV or media console – yay! The coffee table is clean too. I must tidy this house before Sunday’s big Super Bowl party with the youth from church. Of course, I’ve said this for two weeks…at least the weather is helping – thank you, snow days!!!!

Just announced: Fort Worth ISD and most other school districts in the DFW Metroplex are closed tomorrow, Thursday, for a third consecutive day. The temperature refuses to go above freezing and the solid sheet of ice that covers all the roads is not going away. I think some districts might be weary of the rolling blackouts as well. Perhaps, I’m stretching my luck here, the State will declare an emergency and schools will not have to make up the days missed at the end of the year. That would be nice. I have mission trips scheduled, I don’t have time to be in school through the summer!!!!  

What should I do tomorrow?


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