Say what?

A Chinese restaurant nearby opened recently and I thought I would try it out this week while Kevin was roping. The food was OK. I didn’t realize they had sushi and since I found this Japanese cuisine, I eat it as often as I possibly can. I decided to play it safe and try some traditional, cooked rolls. My favorite sushi place has THE BEST California rolls, so my expectations were really high. The new place had a California roll, but it was nothing to write home about, neither was the dragon roll or the egg drop soup. The soup was way too egg-y. There were so many pieces my soup had knots and that, frankly, grossed me out. At least the water with lemon was refreshing.

Perhaps my first visit at this place would have left a better taste in my mouth (no pun intended) if the fortune cookie I received had had a better statement that what I got:

Your lucky number for this week is thirteen.

Say what? You’re joking, right? C’mon, who gets a fortune that says this?


To be honest, this week has been pretty crappy. I’d love to use another term, but I will refrain myself. I’ve gotten so stressed, I can feel ulcers in my stomach developing. I don’t deal with BS well, and there has been an excessive amount of it this week. 

To add fuel to the already flaming fire in my stomach, I am taking the Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam Saturday morning in Commerce. This test is the Holy Grail of certification in the State of Texas. I have to pass this in order to get my permanent certificate to teach. No pressure.

Going to Kevin’s parent’s house reminds me: I need to get Christmas presents out of the closet and take those with us. I spent the holidays ~ Thanksgiving AND Christmas ~ in Kentucky, so I have not seen my in-laws in a really long time. My bad.

I’m so ready for this week to end. Some things are just not fun anymore.


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