Supposed To

Since December 29th, Kevin and I have been living in a dusty, dirty, grout-smeared construction zone as we embarked on an expensive journey I like to call, “Remodeling One of the Worst Bathrooms in America.”


If you’ve been following, you must remember the awful condition of the previous bathroom: teeny-tiny shower (that stopped working 18 months ago), faux purple marble countertops, brass fixtures, and institutional white tile. It was a force to be reckoned with, but Kevin and I reckoned – – – and WON!!!!!


Mark today in your calendar: Kevin and I took our showers tonight in our very new, very beautiful, and very awesome bathroom tonight! Let me tell you, it was amazing. The shower itself is big enough for four people (not that I anticipate that ever happening!) but the shower heads are mounted high enough on the wall that I don’t have to bend over to rinse my hair. There is something to be said about being tall and “plump” in a short and skinny world. No worries, though, I have my own sanctuary of bathroom bliss now!!!!


Still WIP - Work In Progress

Before you start high-fiving the bathroom fairies, the project is not complete. Yeah, I know, right?! Mario, the cabinet guy, is supposed to (that’s become my new mantra, “supposed to”) install the last cabinet above the toilet sometime this week and repair a piece of molding on the cabinet next to the shower. There is also a vanity cabinet missing a screw (been there, done that once or twice before) that will have to be addressed. Besides Mario finishing his work, the rest is cosmetic and decoration. I have items coming from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that should arrive (supposed to) by the end of the week. I also need to make another trip to Home Depot for lightbulbs, cabinet organizers, and picture-hanging brackets. I did not realize until last night while brushing my teeth that I was uncomfortably awkward doing so without a mirror…oh the luxuries in life that I take for granted. Alas, the mirrors will go up his week. Supposed to.

In the meantime, I am desperately trying to de-clutter and de-funk this place before the team of house cleaners arrive bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed at 8:00 am Thursday. Who cleans before the cleaners arrive? Me. I had to wipe down the TV last night because I thought The Bachelor had a booger sticking out of his nose. Nope, it was a piece of drywall paper stuck to the screen. My bad. Air-duct cleaners were supposed to (supposed to) come to the house last week and clean out our air filtration and duct-work, but obviously Juan and his crew were still here so that must be rescheduled.

As soon as Dulce & Co. finishes Thursday, I’m off to East Texas to take the PPR exam. That’s one of the last steps toward becoming a permamently certified teacher in the State of Texas. HAPPY! HAPPY! JOY! JOY!

I would express my excitement and anticipation of summer, but looking at the calendar it’s going to be just as busy as my current schedule. I have three mission projects this summer: two domestic trips with the youth group at church and an international trip to Haiti. Guess I will look forward to Spring Break 2011 instead – I am going to Kentucky to meet Miss Adalee Tapp, who’s expected to arrive the first week of March.


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