I said at the beginning of 2011 that I wanted to complete at least one Bible study (you can see my other goals here) this year. Today is Day 1. I have numerous books and study guides on my bookshelf, so this should not be a problem. I selected “Completely Loved ~ Recognizing God’s Passionate Pursuit of Us” by Shannon Ethridge. It is book one of a four-part series; I probably have the other three books and don’t even know it.

I was introduced to a lovely revelation about the word “intimacy.” I love ELA (English/Language Arts) and I am certified to teach ELA and Reading in elementary and middle school. Do you remember syllables from elementary school? I loved breaking down words into syllables. I remember clapping my hands or tapping my index finger on the side of my desk to practice. Break down the word intimacy and you get: IN-TO-ME-SEE. Isn’t that cool?! I love this. I want to write it in a pretty script and have it framed. This simple word broken into syllables is a lovely, yet simplistic, reminder of God’s pursuit of me and my pursuit to live as a transparent child of God. 

Can you answer these questions truthfully, without reservation or hesitation?

Do you agree with God that His creation is excellent in every way? What is your assessment of His handiwork when you look in the mirror? Do you see yourself as fearfully and wonderfully made by a masterful artist? Do you believe God looks upon you with great satisfaction?

What do you see when looking in the mirror?

I see a woman with eyes so green. I see a woman who glows at the mention of family or Kentucky. I see a woman with yesterday’s makeup still on her face. I see a woman without wrinkles (a great benefit to being fat!). I see a woman grateful for her many blessings. I see a woman with smile lines. I see a woman completely in love with her husband. I see a woman trying to live as a Christian as best she can. I see a woman dedicated to the special people in her life. I see a woman whose heart is worn on her sleeve. I see a woman who loves children and hopes to become a mother one day. I see a woman who loves to cook, and is obviously good at eating! I see a woman who gives much and asks nothing in return. I see a woman teaching the leaders of tomorrow. I see a woman that does not forget. I see a woman who loves to laugh, cherishes humor, and dabbles in sarcasm. I see a woman whose eyes do not see race, ethnicity, gender, or disability.

What do you see?


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