Progress in Pictures

OK, so I admit I was lacking my Polly Anna personality last night but I am pleased with the bathroom and its results today. Luis, the electrician installed all of the light fixtures and I take full credit for the sconces – they are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juan painted the walls today and will touch-up tomorrow before he starts to grout the tile. I am still waiting on Mario, the cabinet guy, to install the furniture. The granite will be installed as soon as the cabinets are in and they can create a template to cut the holes for the under-mount sinks. The glass shower doors are supposed to be here by next Wednesday or Thursday.

Excuse the mess, but enjoy these photos of progress being made this week….

Excuse the mess and step ladder...but the tile looks great!!!!

Light fixtures were you like the paint color??

C’mon, seriously – are these not the cutest sconces you’ve ever seen?!?!

Bath tub faucet....the matching hand sprayer is on the other side. I really love the brushed nickel.

Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think of our progress. The bathroom is by no means complete, but it’s slowly getting that way.



  1. Thanks Lindsey!!!! Wall color is “Notable Hue” by Sherwin Williams (SW 6521). It’s a very nice shade of blue…not too primary and not too dark.

  2. I love the color you guys used on the walls!! Looks great! Can I be nosey and ask what color/brand it is???

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