Welcome to MMXI

Day 1 of 2011 can be summed up in one word: LAZY. I am still in my PJ’s at it is after 6:00 pm. I slept till 11:00, loved on my husband, ate lunch, took a nap, and watched a couple of football bowl games. In the words of Kimberly, impersonating me, “I hope this new year finds you fat and happy, because I am!!!!!!!!”

We partied like rock stars last night. NOT! Which brings me to a quick fact: I know who my real friends are, because Kimberly is the only one who attended our New Year’s Party. Yeah, that eVite invitation was an epic failure….or I have fewer friends than I thought!!!! 

(consider adding “find more friends” on my resolution list)

Kimberly has been teasing me since she arrived Wednesday morning about cooking so much food for a “party” that might not happen. I cooked enough food for 15 people and it was just the three of us. Go figure. The green goddess dip  BBQ pulled pork, and red velvet brownies were big hits; Kim and I could not stay out of the dip during dinner and our card games – she has some serious Beginner’s Luck, let me tell you. She beat me 450 to 5 in a progressive rummy match, but I redeemed myself by beating her in the second game. 

Kevin went to bed by 11:00 so it was up to Kim and I to ring in 2011 – which we did but were in bed shortly thereafter. We did not stay up long enough to watch the encore of New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys perform in Times Square. The entertainment – or lack thereof – provided at the NYE party in downtown Dallas was pathetic. It was horrific, vile, hideous, and just plain terrible.

It’s an exciting day in Purple Nation (aka Fort Worth, Texas). Best wishes to the TCU Horned Frogs as they try to defeat the Badgers of Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. They are currently ahead 21-13.

One of my goals for 2011 (you can see the complete here) is to send more handwritten notes and cards to friends and family. I still feel incredibly guilty about not sending my Christmas cards, so I got a head start on this resolution by writing 5 notes to friends today. This is about all I have accomplished today, except for some web surfing looking for bathroom accessories. I have not spent any money today, which is a very good thing!

Happy New Year to you, whoever reads this blog. Is anybody out there? If not, happy new year to me!


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