Looking ahead for 2011

I know it’s a bit early to post, but I’m thinking about 2011 and the goals I want to accomplish…and the habits I’d like to lose. Go ahead, call these my resolutions, but don’t fuss when I fall off the wagon, because it’s going to happen!!!!

Here goes nothing:

  1. Don’t make unrealistic resolutions for 2011 – just getting that out-of-the-way early!
  2. Lose weight – isn’t this on every resolution list, I want to be politically correct
  3. Successfully pass the PPR exam for my permanent teaching certificate in Texas
  4. Contribute the maximum amount to a Roth IRA account
  5. Tithe $5,000 to my church, First United Methodist Church in Joshua
  6. Participate in a domestic mission trip (planning to attend two mission trips with the youth group at FUMC Joshua)
  7. Participate in an international mission trip (planning a trip to Haiti in August)
  8. Sign a contract to teach…for year number two!
  9. This is out of my control, but I would like to have a classroom next year!
  10. Complete a Bible study
  11. Continue my book blog and read 30 books in 2011 (I attempted this in 2010 but only read a third of my goal because of situational circumstances – new role at church, full-time teaching – but I love to read and I am committed to reading as many books as possible.)
  12. Remodel our master bathroom
  13. Replace the carpet throughout our house (just three bedrooms)
  14. Replace countertops in kitchen and utility room
  15. Keep my house clean(er)
  16. Host a few get-togethers throughout the year (i.e. New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl, Fourth of July, or just because we want to see our friends)
  17. Develop 5 blogging skills that I never knew
  18. Travel to a state or country I’ve never been to
  19. Go to Kentucky at least twice
  20. Participate on a building team for Habitat for Humanity
  21. Send birthday and anniversary cards to at least 50 people
  22. Send Christmas cards (I usually do this, but did not in 2010 and I got harassed by all my friends – so I am committing to getting this done in 2011 so people will be nice to me)
  23. Eat at the Brownstone Restaurant in Fort Worth (executive chef Casey Thompson was a finalist on Bravo’s Top Chef)
  24. Dinner at Eddie V’s in Fort Worth
  25. Romantic weekend getaway for our 4th anniversary
  26. Tour “Jerry’s World” – also known as Cowboys Stadium – in Arlington, Texas
  27. Purchase a new couch and finish decorating the living room and entryway
  28. Continue blogging with Mrs. H and 27 & Counting
  29.  Try a new recipe once a month for an entire year…and post the recipe and results on my blog
  30. Donate to a charity or non-profit organization


  1. Yay! Resolutions! I posted mine today. You’ve got quite a list here — I bet you’ll have an awesome year. Happy New Year, Nicole!


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